Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Habitat and Species Description

WALT describe different habitats in New Zealand and species that live in them.
Success Criteria:
  1. Write an introduction
  2. Write a paragraph describing each creature and the habitat
  3. Write a conclusion
  4. Add detail about the habitat eg
    1. Plants, landscape, temperature, weather, animals living there
  5. Add detail about the creatures eg
    1. Appearance
    2. Size
    3. Species they belong to
    4. Diet
    5. If endangered
  6. Use detail and descriptive words
I have created a New Zealand ocean habitat and included 3 creatures that live there, One endemic, one native and one introduced.

The Ocean habitat contains different animals and plants. Plants like sea cucumber, sea weed, kelp and coral and creatures like, Colossal squid, Sharks, different types of fish and Hector’s dolphin. Also the Ocean is 2700 metres deep.

The introduced animal that I have chosen is, the great white shark. The great white shark is 4.5 m in length, but some have been found that are larger, about 6 m. They generally weigh up to 2250 kg. Yes, the great white is endangered, They eat Sea lions, Carrions, Seals, Small toothed whales (like belugas), Fish, Rays, and other sharks.

The native animal that I have chosen is, Hector’s dolphin. It’s one of the smallest marine dolphins in the world, Hector’s dolphins grow no more than 1.5 m in length and weigh between 40 and 60 kg. Males are slightly smaller and lighter than females. They eat red cod, flatfish, yellow-eyed mullet, fish, and squids.

The endemic animal I have done is the longfin eel. They eat fresh-water crayfish and even small birds like ducklings. They also grow up to 1.2 in length.

The Great white shark, Hector’s dolphin, And the Longfin eel all live in NZ waters.