Thursday, 29 October 2015

Narrative study

Title: Monday mornings

Author: marco fazzi

Genre: Short story

Settings: Home, School, Kitchen, Middle of the front garden

Characters: Josh is a teacher, He likes soccer, Josh did not like getting up on monday mornings

Plot: Josh didn't like getting up on Monday mornings because Josh didn't want to go to school and Josh wanted to stay at home. He got dressed, ate a huge bowl of cereal and got his stuff and went out the door.
In the middle of the front garden was a football. He kicked it through the hole in the fence but it smashed a window.
He reached school with a few minutes to spare. He went to his classroom, sat down at his desk and took out his books and pens. The kids came into the classroom and sat down.

The boys and girls said, 'Good Morning, Mr Millar.'

Josh Millar was actually a teacher.

Fav: My fav part was when josh kicked the ball through the hole of the fence

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